Transparent &
safe DeFi lending protocol on zkSync

Lend and borrow crypto-assets with Nexon more efficiently than any existing solutions on market, thanks to the first decentralized lending protocol on zkSync.

Our vision
We are building Nexon around solving the most common and significant challenges currently facing the DeFi ecosystem, simplifying the user experience for mass adoption and placing a strong emphasis on security.
Nexon is an engine of the future DeFi lending market
We have designed our protocol with algorithmically set interest rates based on supply and demand. This will allow users to lend and borrow cryptoassets more efficiently than any existing solutions on market. The protocol is powered by zkSync, one of the most secure ZK rollups, with instant, super cheap transactions and almost all tokens supported.
The cheapest gas
Thanks to zkSync's low network congestion, we reduce gas costs significantly without losing sefety and control.
Instant transactions
By leveraging zkSync’s roll-up architecture, we provide instant transactions and extra-fast token transfers.
Transparent & secure
With regular audits and open-source code, we keep the platform to the highest secure standards possible.
Pay fees in any tokens
Nexon users can pay transaction fees in any token, which means no complicated token swaps, friction and bridges.
Pre-launchQ3 2022
  • Brand ID development
  • Website launch
Stage IQ4 2022
  • White paper
  • Nexon testnet
  • Fundraise
Stage IIQ1 2023
  • Pooled lending mainnet
  • DAO transition
Stage VQ4 2023
  • Permissionless pools
Stage IVQ3 2023
  • Institutional secured lending
Stage IIIQ2 2023
  • P2P lending mainnet
Lending products
Nexon lending pools are transparent, decentralized and truly permissionless. They will support most of the tokens, including liquidity providers' ones.
Launch scheduled for Q1 2023
P2P lending protocol uses all the liquidity, resulting in a low APY spread, allowing lenders to earn higher interest rates and borrowers to pay less.
Launch scheduled for Q2 2023
Institionual Secured
A robust risk framework for major investors that provides sufficient liquidity for borrowers to repay loans, reducing counterparty risk for lenders.
Launch scheduled for Q1 2024
Mentions in social media
CEO & Co-Founder
Immersed in research and development since 2017. To date, invested in and supervised over 20+ early-stage Web3 startups. Has solid experience with wide range of blockchains.
CMO & Co-Founder
More than 5+ years of experience in Web3 products marketing. Over that time, contributed to the growth of a lot various Web3 DAOs in reaching and building communities.
CTO & Co-Founder
Full-stack & blockchain developer with more than 10+ years of cumulative experience in Web2 & Web3 product design & development.
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